A Welcome Message To my Clients

I want to be your guiding hand in seeing that your most important financial investment is carried out with ease, efficiency, and poise. To ensure that your investment is successful, I personally invest everything into each transaction, going above and beyond until 100 percent client satisfaction is attained. Real estate has always been a staple in my family, allowing me to draw from a combined 155 years of local experience in each transaction. Looking to buy or sell? Time to Think of Evan!


  • Susannah

    Evan Campbell is one of the most capable, motivated, and hard working real estate agents in the downtown San Diego area. He not only helped me get the most value out of my condominium at The Mark, but personally ensured that the sale process went smoothly and quickly – from listing to closing in just over 30 days! Evan has a fresh perspective on real estate, yet has years of knowledge from growing up in and around the business that many agents in the area do not have. He invests everything into his sales; his first goal is always customer satisfaction, and is not satisfied until his client is 100% content with the results. Evan consistently goes above and beyond to help each of his clients buy or sell in an environment that is efficient and enjoyable. With his optimistic outlook and kind countenance, Evan is an absolute pleasure to work with, while also being a fierce businessman. I would choose him over and over again for any real estate purchase or sale. Thank you, Evan!”

  • Ronarae A.

    I started out very nervous about working with a realtor, as a result of previous negative experience with the agents I worked with when I purchased the home. The house I was selling, was going to be quite a challenge, little did I know when I first bought it. I was referred to Evan by a trusted colleague and friend, so I set up an appointment with him. From the very first moment, Evan impressed me because he made it clear that I was not just another client, but I was a person with unique circumstances, fears, and anxiety that he wanted to understand before starting any contractual work…He studied my needs and the outcomes I wanted to achieve. He let me know that he was there for ME, to listen and to support me every step of the way, as partners who could overcome any potential issue and to celebrate with me at the end of the journey! He reduced my anxiety and replaced it with confidence and excitement about selling. He exceeded my expectations, coming to the house almost daily, calling me and walking me through each offer to determine if it was in my best interest. Evan is first, a compassionate and honest person, and second, a very skilled realtor who loves the work he was born to do. Yes, I highly recommend Evan for any real estate needs, from start to finish to celebration!